Monday, June 29, 2009

my avant garde family

the people who i have spent the last 5 months with and i would not change one thing. i miss these people more than i imagined and i cant wait until spring break when we will meet again!

my oh my

cutie countdown is not at 2 days. i cant believe it. and no i have NOT started packing. i think maybe i should start? and then last day in the city of maastricht :( i never thought this day would come!!!

tomorrow to amsterdam! and i can say i never thought i would go to amsterdam 6 or 7 times! another city i loved and will miss dearly.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

cutie countdown

only 4 days until im back home. 3 days left here in maastricht :( 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

goodbye barn

just sent kelly home on her way! we had a really good week and we had plenty to do. Our first night here I took her out and we had a great night. She got her first experience on a bike...and lets just say it was her last. I guess I can say at least I have great bike skills from living in Holland. Another night we went to our dutch friend Bram's house in a neighboring village called Roermond. All of us from the third floor in avant garde went and had a really fun night. We got to see a real dutch village and all the cute, nice dutch houses! We also had a lot of barbques here and just a great time hanging out. 

Now it is coming to the end and i am starting to say goodbye to people and it is getting really tough. I am finally at the point where I have to strategically plan my days out because of the limited time. I never saw this time coming! I hate every second of the end and I am finding it nearly impossible to say goodbye to friends here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

faja day

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY WONDERFUL DADDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you have a good day!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

the bike tally

the bike situation has been ridiculous! between the four of us (me meg mike and trevor) we have gone through a ridiculous amount of bikes.

and the tally....

meg- 1 bike. but it just got stolen. outside the bar meg didnt lock her bike up and asked me "will my bike get stolen?" my response: "yes." but did she lock her bike up? no. did it get stolen? yes. what a shame. her bike was the most reliable and made it all 5 months!

me- 3 bikes! i am the only one left with a bike now! its the big yellow one that is hideous and about 50 years old but hey- the wheels move and get me places so i cant complain too much. my first bike had a terrible chain and got destroyed. my second bike got a popped inner tube. ugh.

mike- 2 bikes. but now is bikeless- one bike broken with a popped tire. second bike stolen.

trevor- i think it is safe to say he has gone through about 5 bikes. god only knows what has happened to all of them.

so now we have 1 bike between the four of us. oh how i miss cars.


and the cutie countdown is now at 11 days! I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE LESS THAN 2 WEEKS LEFT HERE!!!! i have waited my whole life to go abroad and now it is quickly coming to an end. how sad.

on a good note- kelly comes today! i have to pick her up from the train station in a few hours and we are going to have a blast!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

this ones for you cutie-

13 days to go on the squeeeeze countdown. 

i cant wait to twirl you in the air and wrap my arms so tightly around you ill probably crush your miniature bones.

some more sad news

my bike tire popped!! nooooooooooo!!!! the speed bumps here are NOT biker friendly. now im left with one tire and i only have 2 weeks to go!!!! what a pain. now im left scrounging for a bike these last days here. i guess ill have to figure out how to fix it! gross. cant wait until my bicycle hell is over!

and to mention...

two sisters i miss so much who i cant talk to :( i cant wait to squeeze my puppies!!!! 


We've heard of alligators in the sewers, but what about a puppy in the toilet?

One week old Dyno, a cocker spaniel puppy, was flushed down the loo after his 4-year-old owner, Daniel, tried to give him a bath in the bowl.

The pup was believed to be dead, but a plumbing company managed to retrieve him using a camera.

The puppy is now in stable condition.

Now that puppy is really going to need a bath!

But this time in the bath tub!


dont worry lulu juju- you are safe with us.

Monday, June 15, 2009

a long day

first all- this is my 100th post!! holy cow never thought i would actually stick with this thing here. congrats to me for finally following through on something!

anyways- the rumors are true!! the sun really does stay out all day! yesterday biking home at 10 pm the sun had yet to set. it was almost day light! i guess at home it would feel like 6ish but here it was 10! they really do have the longest days! but we do pay a price. today i went to class in a hoodie and jeans and a scarf and was cold! a nice summer day is few and far between. its a shame- even happy valley has nicer weather than here! how could that be possible!?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

some sad news

i got some very sad news earlier this week about my grandma. i am very upset i cant be with my family right now but i love them very much and miss my grandma very much. i am very very lucky to have known my grandma as long as i did.  only 16 days until im back with my family...

the factory

the other night we went to this club that is only open once a month. its an old factory....hence the name- the factory- clever i know...any who- it is really neat! there were hippies everywhere! and old vintage clothing sales?! weird. but it was really fun with great music and i felt like i had been plopped into the 1970's. it was very cool!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

happy birthday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BIG SISSY CUTIE CAKES!!!!!!! a big squeeze from me to you!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

some of madrid

spain and their ham. ill never understand. museo de jamon.
the lovely park!
mini helado!! tiny ice cream cones- lets call this a compromise mama.


kelly BARNhurst (you know how to say it) is coming to maastricht! yippie skippy!


madrid was great!! we did a ton of walking as usual and got to see a lot of the city. but here is a story for the books:

we were eating in the morning before getting going around town. we all had our backpacks because we had to check out of our hostel. me and meg decided we were going to go back and try to find a place to get our bags locked up in the hostel- the guys decided to keep theirs while they ate. when me and meg came back the boys were gone and we were confused as to where they went, until we saw them roaming the streets- trevor backpack-less. since we had already had this happen once to meg in barcelona, i guess you can say we are pros at handling the situation (or not- meg never got her stuff back). but anywho i put my limited spanish into actions and when to talk to the police about a stolen backpack. we were hesitant to even do so assuming there was nothing they could do- but they offered to put out a notice and sent us on our way to report it at the police station. but soon after the policeman found me wandering and took me to another man who had found trevors back pack! he has his i pod stolen but that was it- passport and everything was in the bag! what are the chances!!

a very exciting start to our days in madrid. crazy how quickly they can steal and bag without you noticing one bit. but at least this story has a happy ending!

and im back

just got home from madrid! home safe and sound despite a few bumps and bruises we hit on our trip. more info to follow. time for a nap ASAP. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009


tonight we leave for brussels to go to madrid this weekend! another night sleeping in the air port.... terrible. but madrid...yay!


this whole class situation has gotten beyond out of control. we have been given 3 different schedules and we never know which one to follow. my parents got a small taste of what i mean when they were here- class got canceled twice within a 24 hour notice! well today we thought class was at 2:30, yet our teacher e-mailed at 9:20 (of course none of us were awake to get it) telling us class was now at 10. how do you tell your class 40 minutes before class when it is! and its a 20 minute bike ride so assuming we had gotten it on time we would have had to jump out of bed and run to school. this place is nuts!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009


ONLY ONE MONTH LEFT!! can you believe it!? ahhhhhhhhh

czech me out!

im back from prague safe and sound! i had a great time!!! i really love the city even though it was pouring rain for the two days we were there. i got to see the castle, and the jewish quarter, the charles bridge and went to the communism museum. tons and tons of walking but was wonderful!

Monday, May 25, 2009

what a beautiful day

its 80 degrees today!!! and as much as i love this wonderful weather, you all know what comes along with it- G.D. prickly heat rash. in the same place as always. some things never change.

its also 8:30 at night and the sun is still shining high in the sky. it probably wont go down until almost 10. incredible isnt it!?

house music festival

yesterday in the market square there was a house music festival (techno) and it was so fun! there were tons of people there and it took us at least an hour just to get in but it was worth it! i spent the whole day there and had a blast. that was the first thing i have ever done on a sunday. i guess thats a good way to get me out of bed!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

war of the world

last night in the park we did a country vs. country drinking competition. to no ones surprise, the US won!!!!!!! we played a few rounds of drinking games and we were able to beat out spain, finland, latvia and all of the others flying solo. yay! i know you are so proud mom.

kfc- sick

yesterday the boys did an eating contest for KFC chicken wings. lets just say it was NOT pleasant. Trevor mike and daniel each had to eat 30 wings and the winner was the one who did it fastest. trevor won but it was gross. all of the boys had fried chicken all over their faces and bodies. one of our friends has video.... ill share some pictures later as well. warning: these pictures are not nice.

and all 30 wings were eating in 10 minutes. seriously sick.

Friday, May 15, 2009


spent another day crying over grey's anatomy. i dont think i  can watch this show anymore.

congrats lizzie!!

my big sissy graduates from Villanova Law School today!!! i am so proud!!



i had a wonderful time with my parents and lizzie here in maastricht! we spent some time here then we went to brussels and to paris. i loveeeee paris!!!! we saw just about everything by walking around the entire city. i now want to learn french! that will be my next venture.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

my first massage

there are always women selling things on the beaches in barcelona. we all ended up giving into the women giving massages. they were 5 euros for 20 minutes so we figured why not? i had never had a real massage before (although its quite a stretch to say these were real) so i figured there was a good start. it was fine and relaxing, and the next day on the beach we decided we would do it again. while all of us laid in a line being massaged and swarmed by vietnamese women, a cop car drove by and all of the sudden all of our masseurs ran away screaming police! we were left there, covered in oil, with these womens bags, while they dove and hid in the sand behind the chairs surrounding us. the women went frantic and we were laying there laughing uncontrollably. what an experience.

bye barcelona

im back from barcelona! i had a fantastic time thanks to my wonderful host leah. i spent most of the weekend on the beach and roasting my skin due to the lack of sun in holland. we had some unfortunate mishaps with a stolen wallet and a stolen purse.

then i bumped into kathleen on the streets of barcelona!! what are the chances?!?! and i just happened to bump into her after she got her purse stolen. barcelona really is as bad as they say!

despite so many stolen goods, barcelona was incredible!

but now i await the arrival of my family! what could be better?

Friday, May 1, 2009

adios mis amores!!

to barcelona i go tomorrow morning! be back wednesday!

and i cant wait for my family to come thursday!

good week ahead. 

some more info

heres a link that shows what happened today! yikes.


someone tried to kill the queen! they shut the city down early! 5 people were killed! so terrible.

but i am okay and we all are okay! dont worry!

queen's day in the dam

we all traveled to amsterdam today for queen's day! i went with everyone from my apartment building and had a blast!!!! we walked around all day and hung out and listened to music. everyone was dressed in orange and there were more people than i have ever seen. millions just filling the streets.

wonderful day! again.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


last night the french girls did crepe night! they made a million crepes and were  making them for all of us to order!!! they were deeelish. i had never had a crepe that didnt have ice cream in it. i had ham and cheese and then a nutella and banana one. i loveeee nutella. and apparently i like bananas now. i also found out i now like tomatoes (after eating endless amounts of bruschetta in italy). yummy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my twin!

haha liz told me a funny story from school:

Liz Coughlin someone confused me with you this weekend! they came running up to me on the tailgate and was like o my gosh how are you i havent seen you in so long!!! and just went along with it when she continued to talk to me about it!! I think allison said that you knew her from summer! hahha miss you and wish you were here this weekend!

i cant believe people really get us that confused! its crazy! 

and only a few more days until I see my other twinie Leah in barcelonaaaaa!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

the return of kristin

so kristin cavallari is back on the scene and making an appearance in 6 hills episodes!!! i could not be MORE EXCITED!

rotterdam...trying NOTterdam.

we went to rotterdam yesterday to try to explore more of holland. lets say it certainly helped me appreciate maastricht! 

rotterdam is not the best city i could say. we went to the zoo to try to do something fun on a nice day and it was awful!! the animals were all either asleep or not moving (is pot legal for animals too?!) i have never seen a fish tank of fish that were not moving. weird right? the monkeys were trapped in a stinky room with their hands on the walls shouting GET ME OUT OF HERE! on top of depressed animals, i dont think we saw one person smiling! strange.

oh well it was worth a shot and i guess you live and you learn!! this trip was comparable to liege... yikes!

oh well!!! im going to be seeing Leah in Barcelona in less than one week!!!!!!!!!! and then my wonderful family comes!! an d then we are going to prague! we booked tickets for 35 euros to prague! i have heard that it is on the of the most beautiful and incredible cities so i am so excited!!!!!! its about time we started taking advantage of our time here!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


i booked my ticket to barcelona!!! i am going with meg and kate and i will get to visit LEAHHHH!!!!! i am soo excited and i cant wait to get to the beach! my skin is sickly pale and in desperate need of color.

today, while our entire floor is in germany at some beer fest (train tickets were much too expensive) the rest of us have decided to go to rotterdam for the day and visit the zoo!

i cant wait!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

home sweet home

im home safely from italy!!!!!! definitly my favorite country and i cant wait to go back one day!!! i have about 300 pictures to soon follow....

stay tuned.

Monday, April 13, 2009


i am off to italy today for seven days!!!!!! i am so excited!!! 

we are flying out of brussels-charleoi- my and mike and taking a train to meet trevor there- who is coming from paris. then off to pisa! we will spend a night in pisa because our flight gets in late. wake up- check out a massive leaning tower- then off to florence! we booked an amazing hostel in florence that sounds like a resort (yet still cheap!) we heard raving reviews so i am excited to check it out. then we will go to rome for a probably two nights and have fun! then back to florence and back here to good ole maastricht.

i cant wait for pizza, pasta, and gelato!!!! (stop cringing ma).

YAY!!! be back in a week!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

what are the chances?!

to start this story off, i have a crappy black coat with fur on the hood (some how landed in my hands one night...i have never really found an explanation) so anyways- for anyone who knows me at school- this is a black version of my sears white fracket. 

anywho- so out at the bar- we hang our coats just like everyone does. naturally when we go to leave, my furry coat isnt there. pissed off i keep searching but nothing comes up, once again, naturally. sooooo meg grabs me a random coat and we take off (it sounds terrible when you tell this story sober because i sound like a theif- but thats just how the game works- either kill or be killed, right?!) so we head to the next bar- my nice new long black coat with pink lining in tow. its a great coat and i feel like i really won. so we hang our coats at the next bar. again- my new pink coat goes missing. once again- meg grabs me another coat and we head home. the new button coat is a bit snug but quite cute and was actually like a coat i was just about to buy in the store, so again- yay i win! 

so then we went to the park yesterday and i was talking with one of the finish girls and i was like "ya man my stupid ugly fur coat got stolen the other night!" and she was like "omg me too!" and i  was like "ya so meg stole me this nice long black coat with pink in it!" and she was like "well that was my coat!!!! but i found it at alla (bar)!" i was like crazy because i left that coat there and it got taken back! so it turns out she found her coat (the pink one i stole) at the second bar which is why i ended up with the button coat, whihc turns our was the coat SHE stole at first and left at alla. so we both stole coats, then stole new coats, and it happens to be that we switched coats! so she went home with her coat...and i didnt.

oh well, its black, cute with buttons, and i guess i still win! only problem is....its 2 sizes too small and i cant use the buttons. oh well.... its more like a nice coat/cardigan!

this story is obviously easier to understand if told in person but it was hystrical that we both happened to swap coats at 2 different bars and we werent even hanging out!

like i said....what are the chances?!?!?!!?

life is good.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

something to make mama proud on her birthday

just finished my presentation on my 35 page paper! we present to two teachers and 7 other students. and drum roll please....

i got the highest grade!!!!

they also told me my presentation was absolutely wonderful and that i am a great addition to the university.

lets talk about a semester full of firsts!!

Happy Birthday Crazy Lady!!!!!!!!!

I love you mama and I miss you! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

who ever said a little wisdom didnt hurt?

they lied. my wisdom teeth are still growing in. they are now about 1/2 way in and it feels like i have acorns stuffed in the side of my cheeks (i can only imagine the jokes my dad is thinking right now as he reads this...yes dad...only acorns...). 

i now feel like i have teeth growing into the back of my throat and a Neanderthal with a mouth full of monstrous teeth. 

now i get why people get these stupid things out. my cute little mouth (well...big mouth) isnt quite cut out for this. lets just hope i get ALOT wiser with these things in. now THAT wouldnt be so bad.

Monday, April 6, 2009

goldmember got dissed.

today i took my sick bike (chain fell off) to the doctor (the bike store). my chain always falls off because it is too long. why they made a bike with a chain too long for it- i have no clue. anywho- i wheel it in and find a store clerk. this is what went down:

me: how much will it be to fix the chain? 
mean bike man: [laughter]
me: umm....the chain....fix it? 
mbm: it is IMPOSSIBLE to fix the chain. bikes are made of MILLIONS of parts so you cant just FIX THE CHAIN. duhhhhhh.
me: you cant just take out a link? or...put a new chain on it? ill pay anything?
me: i am sorry. i just thought it could be fixed. i need it for three more months. you sure you cant help me?
mbm: absolutely no one would ever be able to fix this. sorry. get a new one.

at this point me and sick little goldmember just wheel on it (squeaking of course- because i cant seem to find any mode of transportation that doesnt squeak. shout out to good ole squeakers- hope your doing well). 

now i am stuck with goldmember. and goldmembers extrememyl loose chain. and a pair of plastic gloves in my purse everywhere i go for when goldmember decides to drop its chain.

another day in the life.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

almost as bad as the u.s. postal service truck

to only add to the previous story...

day 2. im riding through the city with meg to go meet everyone at the park. crossing the street, this car speeds up right in front of me and before i had a chance to break i ran directly into the side of the car. (mom and dad dont get mad or scared- everything is fine and it sounds worse than it was).  this man hops out of his car and starts yelling at me in dutch. i continute to say  I DO NOT SPEAK DUTCH ONLY ENGLISH PLEASE. he finally understands, then continue yelling at me in english. i continue to yell at him and tell him he almost hit the girl in front of me then sped in front of me. as we continue to fight in the middle of the street- cars and people are honking and shouting at this man for stopping in the middle also because they knew it was HIS fault not mine. finally, after this man was fed up, and after i continue to remind him he almost killed me and would have gone to jail and that his actions were unacceptable...he drove off and i hopped on my little pathetic bike and life went on. 

crazy dutch. crazy bikes. 

this was the dutch version of my running into the back of that u.s. mail truck that one day after school....and once again...IT WAS NOT MY FAULT! (seriously- a lot of people saw and everyone knows it was him.)

down and out

so you think i would be a pro bike rider by now wouldn't you? of course i'm not.  i have had more than my fair share of nasty spills since i started riding my bike. i have been getting somewhat better....that was until the other night.

so the other night we were biking from one bar to the next. i went to make a slow turn and there was a small traffic jam. i was trying to round the corner and squeeze by but managed to start bouncing of the bikes leaning against the wall (picture a small kid stuck in the corner of bumper cars and you cant get out). with no where left to go, i only went down. i ended up in a dress with my legs over my head on my back in the middle of the city. with my fellow comrades laughing hysterically as they biked away, i didn't know what else to do but continue to laugh. i was then approached by a group of kids laughing hysterically saying "I WISH I HAD MY CAMERA! IF I DID- YOU WOULD BE ON YOU TUBE!" at this point marielle had finally run to my rescue, was able to pick my bike up off of me, and i was able to finally stand. still laughing, we look at my bike. the handle bars were facing left while the wheel was going straight. try to picture that.

oh well....i am fine. plenty of bruises to show for this nasty fall but its just one more story to add the books of ridiculous moments. if only that kid had his camera, and if only that kid was able to put me on you would maybe be able to understand. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

yesterday was BEEEYOOOTIFUL. it got to about 70' F and was lovely. the sun was shining and it was great! we went to a picnic yesterday. there were lik 30 poeple there from our apartment building just sitting in this huge crowded park right outside the center city. we hung out and played some games and enjoyed the day. a very perfect day in maastricht.

today was lovely too! a few of us went downtown and walked around and played a never ending game of Jenga. doesnt sound too fun im sure- but it was. this was one of the best jenga games to date. i cant WAIT to play some scrabble!

Monday, March 30, 2009

and the plot thickens...

supposedly mystery Al has red hair too....

and dated aunt leigh....

things just keep getting WEIRDER and WEIRDER


soo dad- i have been constantly trying to call you on skype. it never really works. but whenever you call me it says alan robbins. well it turns out- i have been trying to call the wrong alan robbins for the last two months....

hello...iare you trying to reach me?  A bit hesitiant to add people I don't know...


then it gets wierder...

but it does seem you're a real person, and we do share a last name...

im sorry i thought you were my dad

funny...nope, this isn't dad unless you've got some REALLY big news for me!

9:44 PM 

there is another Alan Robbins in DC

9:44 PM 

in fact, he's a friend of a friend

9:44 PM 

perhaps that's your dad

that must be him

is he an attorney?



so dad someone in DC has your name- and knows you. and i found this out. on skype. in maastricht.

what a world.

another thanks

crazy and pops sent me a lovely new scarf!!! thanks mom and dad!!!!!

and kate got me a late birthday present here- a bottle of wine!! always good. and a gift certificate to my favorite coffee place- coffee lovers. cant wait to bring the fam there!!

oh ya- liz- start practicing biking. i learned you can rent bikes here so you and mom and dad will rent bikes here for a day! it will be fun. maybe now you will wish you didnt leave my bike at the gardners...

a day out on the town

today we went on a field trip! one of our teachers took all of us exchange students around town to two different places. we first went to this old cement factory that they are currently turning into theaters and offices and what not. it was neat but kind of a boring tour. it might be cooler once its finished and up and running.

then she took us to the 5 star hotel called Kruisheren Hotel. It was an old church and monastery that was converted into a luxury hotel. there are 60 rooms and every one of them are different. very cool place and a beautiful property. whats really cool is when it was allowed to be turned into a hotel, they were unable to touch and tamper with any of the walls or ceilings. so its pretty much a floating hotel inside the church. everything is built right in front of the walls (like stair cases) and the elevator only goes up one floor because it can touch the ceiling, so it works on hydraulics. really neat place- i would recommend crazy and big al and liz to stay there when they come but it is super expensive. maybe one night?

oh- and did i mention that on field trips here there is no big yellow school bus? of course you bike everywhere!!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

the day of the big 2-1

me with my lovely birthday hat from mariel and meg
everyone singing to me and me getting my gelato gift card!!
everyone singing to me in the hall way!!

still hasnt hit me that i am 21. cant wait until the airport home and duty free shops!

Monday, March 23, 2009

the bird of avant garde

a boy on my floor has a bird name ozzy or something. here it is on me. very very interesting.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

i miss my family.

cutie cakes

and cutie cakes sent me a lovely card as well! (as long as other people- thank you!) 

but cuties cakes sent a very appropriate card.

from one cutie cake to another. miss you so much! ill call from skype today i am once again out of minutes (thats why you have yet to recieve a call).

my lovelies

and thanks molly for the birthday shout outs!!!!!! miss you dearly. its just not the same not power hour-ing with franzia....and i am so sad i could not go out with my  besties in happy valley- i miss everyone so much!!!!! just get ready for ARTS FEST!!!!! we will all be at the bars! holy moley....

the perfect birthday card.

and the award for the most perfect birthday card goes to miss elizabeth robbins (im sure with little surprise to anyone)....


my 21st birthday weekend was quite a success!!! i thought it would be tough turning 21 abroad (because it clearly is of no importance to anyone who is not American) but everyone was great and i had an amazing time!

i turned 21 at midnight on friday and we had a big party on our floor. there were more people there than i have ever seen before. we played beer pong (my favorite of course) and the spanish kids made a gigantic tub of sangria that was delishhhhh (ma- you would loveeee). and then at midnight everyone came out singing! it was really nice and they had a thing of ice cream/gelato instead of a birthday cake (and you know that makes me VERY happy) although of course i do miss moms chippy cake with chippy icing. but the ice cream is amazing. and meg and mariel bought me a gift certificate to my favorite gelato place (once again-  ask for anything better) and a happy birthday hat. after these festivities we finally made it down town, but me meg mike and trevor made the mistake of stopping to get something to eat first and then never quite made it to the bars. haha. oops.

then yesterday morning (saturday- my actual birthday) i woke up and mike and trev got me kinder buenos (again- greatness) and a vase of bright orange flowers! (i have been wanting fresh flowers since the day we got here!) and i got my first birthday card in dutch!! then we all went to lunch then watched movies and hung out to get ready for the night. then we went to dinner at my favorite italian restaurant and then we went out. i had a really great time and i am so happy to be 21!

and yes.... i feel older.
not just older....definitly sooo much cooler. ob-v.

CANT WAIT TO GO TO DEWEY WITH MY SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!! (thank GOD we have such nice parents to drive us :) 

Saturday, March 21, 2009


IM 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

birthday updates to follow!!!!!!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


did you know people eat horse here? it is served at school. yuckkk

when bikes attack

i split my lip open today. it hurts. the bungee chords that you use to strap down things on the back of your bike snapped off today and hit me in the face. my first thought was i need facial reconstruction surgery. luckily its just a small cut and my lip is just swollen. but i do look silly.

gosh darnet.

and i can always count on lizzie to have something good to say...

 me:  it hurt
now i dont want to go out because my lip is swollen
 Lizzie:  who could tell?
 me:  huh
 Lizzie:  i was making a joke
like you said your lip was swollen
like who'd be able to tell
since you have big lips
get it?

and the count down continues....

3 DAYS UNTIL I AM 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what am i going to do with out my lovely happy birthday sign hanging in the kitchen that my nice mother puts up every year!? ill have to find one here.... but then it would be in dutch?! not as fun. oh well- mom- hang it for in spirit ya?!

im alive!!!!

i went snowboarding last night and i am still alive!!!!!!! i had so much fun!! it has been years and years since i have snowboarded. and lucky for me everyone i was with snowboards or skis a lot! so they threw me on a lift to the top of the biggest run and basically wished me luck. i was terrified. LUCKILY a nice german girl from school who invited us happened to be a snowboarding instructor a few years ago! she helped me out TREMENDOUSLY and was an amazing teacher. she re-taught me the basics and by the end i was flying down the slopes! but i had some really really nasty spills in the mean time. i ate probably about 10 pounds of snow, about 5 of which went up my nose. i think i seriously injured my tail bone because i can hardly sit and my left tushy cheek is black. i can hardly move any of my muscles but i had so much fun!!!!!! i love snowboarding and i cant wait to go again!!! (i must say...i do make quite a cute snow bunny!). (i know all my friends are rolling their eyes and my dad is probably laughing). 

dad- you would have died laughing seeing me wipe out face first in the snow then get back up again and keep flying. it was hysterical.

i did have one near death experience where  i thought i was going to get decapitated- i saw a boy in front of me getting on the lift and he slipped and fell and naturally i laughed and thought- that sucks. then it was my turn- turns out there was  massive ice patch and i wiped out as well- snowboard still attached to one foot. all i heard was JESSIE LOOK OUT and i look up to see a chair lift coming at my head. i was in tons of pain (this is partially where my black left tush cheek comes from) and i thought i broke my elbow- but i look up and a chair lift is in my face. all i can do is start climbing on before they finally stopped it and prevented me from having my head chopped off. thank goodness.

still an amazing time though!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


tonight i am going to an indoor skiing/snowboarding place with a group from school. how fun! wish me luck. last time i went snowboarding emily bass broke her wrist on the bunny hill and i didnt believe her until i heard the crack. anywho- were going to the largest indoor ski slope i guess so i hope its cool! its going to be 45 euros for the bus (30 minutes away), snowboard rental and snow pant rental and lift tickets. sounds like a good deal! i hope i can pick it up quickly. wish me luck!

Monday, March 16, 2009

me and my goldmember! (ha ha)

riding home from the bar on the top one.... AND YEP! thats me and my bike!!!!!! gotta love it. goldmember never ceases to amaze me...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the count down begins...


6 days and counting....


my first disturbance

i lost my stupid wallet the other night. now i must BIKE back to the club to get it at midnight on a sunday. oh how i just quickly started to miss my car.... i am longing for ABU.

amsterdamned out

sorry- time to catch up a bit! my internet is not working really anymore (typical of this place) hopefully i will get something worked out...

anywho- spent last weekend in amsterdam again. lets just say i will NOT be going back for a while..i am exhausted!!! i traveled with my friends from here so they could meet their friends from school. it was a nice. we went to the anne frank house which was really neat to see. i loved it so much and it was amazing finally seeing it in person.

then i got to see molly!!!!!!!!!! molly and anthony flew from london. we had a really nice weekend and we went to the van gogh museum. i really loved the reijchs museum...but the van gogh museum was really really neat. i loved his art. there was also the starry night exhibit open so i got to see that. it was amazing- i never knew i liked art museums!

now i am just trying to get back to life again! i am beyond exhausted and i have a big paper coming up that i have to work on with 4 other people....we must write a 25 page paper on why we should build a hotel in cape town. this should be interesting!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


my bike, goldmember, is back in business! the chain fell off within 24 hours of me purchasing it...but i was able to get someone to fix it! now i MUST purchase i new seat... 

ireland and the dam

i went to ireland last week. it was really fun and beautiful but TONS of traveling. i went with trevor because we both have friends from high school studying in galway. we started our journey by train with a layover in liege, then a train to charlios in belgium. then we flew to dublin. we got to dublin and went to a pub, heard some irish music, had a beer and then we were too tired because it took a total of 10 hours to get from maastricht to dublin (lots of waiting around). then the next morning we hopped on the first bus to galway. in galway it was this thing called Rag week where people drink all day and night at the pubs because the money is all donated to some charity. so we arrive and drink. i got to see conor! we stayed at trevors friends apartment with 6 boys and had a fun and interesting time. galway beautiful and we walked around and saw the coast and what not. ireland is definitely very green and tons of sheep.

then...i tried my first fish and chips! and of course...i loved it. we got fish and chips from the best place in galway. we waited until the place opened at 12 for lunch.... people were lined up within seconds. we were the first people- followed by a long long line of people waiting for these fish and chips. they were amazing. reason enough to travel back to ireland.

after galway we took a train back to dublin and then flew form dublin to amsterdam. we met trevors dad and his dads friend there and spent two nights in the dam. they put us up in an amazing hotel and took us out to some really great dinners. i had an amazing time with the three guys and it was fun seeing another side of amsterdam (from the first weekend we went and spent no time sight-seeing..). we went to the reichsmuseum and it was awesome. i saw a lot of amazing art and really enjoyed it. we tried to see the van gogh museum but there was a long line and it was raining, so we went on a boat tour instead. 

this entire week was amazing and i really enjoyed a week vacation!!! i cant wait to keep traveling.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

bye bye boo boo :(

i found out recently that poor little bailey has passed :( the most devestating news i have heard in months and i am very sad :( i wish i could hug ryfranks and cutie cakes! 

Monday, March 2, 2009

carnaval is over

me with some fellow ninja/fake asian ladies

i was obviously on the other line with someone. ha. this man carried around a phone pretending to talk on it all day. my idea of a perfect costume.

the crowds!!

some of my friends with the crazy furry men! what grown men wear this stuff?!

this is how this family carried its kids around...

the avant garders!! (my apt).

the boys of the avant garde

carnaval was amazing! i have never seen so many crazy people in my life!!! the streets were filled all morning all day and all night with whacko people dressed up in the most rediculous costumes. i was a three musketeer whcih turned into a pilgrim when i lost my suspenders (how does that happen??) and then a ninja when i lost my hat (not too hard to do in a crowd like carnaval). loved every second of it! here are some moments...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

kinder beunos

anyone heard of them? anyone love this candy as much as i do?


and i am off to ireland tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! flying into dublin then i will see conor in galway!!! then from ireland flying to amsterdam!!!!!! what a great week.


carnaval was the most nuts thing i have ever experienced. i just cant wait to post pictures! these people are absolutely ridiculous. its 10:30 pm here and i am getting into bed. thats the kind of day i had. i loved every second.

Friday, February 20, 2009

some more pictures from 1st carnaval party...

mike is the ninja, patrick (from germany- a buddy) is a carpenter!? mariel from mexico is something?! me and meg the musketeers!

dancing to carnaval music!

me and vincent (a buddy from belgium)


estaban from spain- the jail bird, robin (my buddy from germany-a pirate), mike the ninja (penn stater), sandra (buddy from germany) the bee, and trevor a pimp or something (penn stater)