Thursday, June 25, 2009

goodbye barn

just sent kelly home on her way! we had a really good week and we had plenty to do. Our first night here I took her out and we had a great night. She got her first experience on a bike...and lets just say it was her last. I guess I can say at least I have great bike skills from living in Holland. Another night we went to our dutch friend Bram's house in a neighboring village called Roermond. All of us from the third floor in avant garde went and had a really fun night. We got to see a real dutch village and all the cute, nice dutch houses! We also had a lot of barbques here and just a great time hanging out. 

Now it is coming to the end and i am starting to say goodbye to people and it is getting really tough. I am finally at the point where I have to strategically plan my days out because of the limited time. I never saw this time coming! I hate every second of the end and I am finding it nearly impossible to say goodbye to friends here.

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