Saturday, May 30, 2009


ONLY ONE MONTH LEFT!! can you believe it!? ahhhhhhhhh

czech me out!

im back from prague safe and sound! i had a great time!!! i really love the city even though it was pouring rain for the two days we were there. i got to see the castle, and the jewish quarter, the charles bridge and went to the communism museum. tons and tons of walking but was wonderful!

Monday, May 25, 2009

what a beautiful day

its 80 degrees today!!! and as much as i love this wonderful weather, you all know what comes along with it- G.D. prickly heat rash. in the same place as always. some things never change.

its also 8:30 at night and the sun is still shining high in the sky. it probably wont go down until almost 10. incredible isnt it!?

house music festival

yesterday in the market square there was a house music festival (techno) and it was so fun! there were tons of people there and it took us at least an hour just to get in but it was worth it! i spent the whole day there and had a blast. that was the first thing i have ever done on a sunday. i guess thats a good way to get me out of bed!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

war of the world

last night in the park we did a country vs. country drinking competition. to no ones surprise, the US won!!!!!!! we played a few rounds of drinking games and we were able to beat out spain, finland, latvia and all of the others flying solo. yay! i know you are so proud mom.

kfc- sick

yesterday the boys did an eating contest for KFC chicken wings. lets just say it was NOT pleasant. Trevor mike and daniel each had to eat 30 wings and the winner was the one who did it fastest. trevor won but it was gross. all of the boys had fried chicken all over their faces and bodies. one of our friends has video.... ill share some pictures later as well. warning: these pictures are not nice.

and all 30 wings were eating in 10 minutes. seriously sick.

Friday, May 15, 2009


spent another day crying over grey's anatomy. i dont think i  can watch this show anymore.

congrats lizzie!!

my big sissy graduates from Villanova Law School today!!! i am so proud!!



i had a wonderful time with my parents and lizzie here in maastricht! we spent some time here then we went to brussels and to paris. i loveeeee paris!!!! we saw just about everything by walking around the entire city. i now want to learn french! that will be my next venture.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

my first massage

there are always women selling things on the beaches in barcelona. we all ended up giving into the women giving massages. they were 5 euros for 20 minutes so we figured why not? i had never had a real massage before (although its quite a stretch to say these were real) so i figured there was a good start. it was fine and relaxing, and the next day on the beach we decided we would do it again. while all of us laid in a line being massaged and swarmed by vietnamese women, a cop car drove by and all of the sudden all of our masseurs ran away screaming police! we were left there, covered in oil, with these womens bags, while they dove and hid in the sand behind the chairs surrounding us. the women went frantic and we were laying there laughing uncontrollably. what an experience.

bye barcelona

im back from barcelona! i had a fantastic time thanks to my wonderful host leah. i spent most of the weekend on the beach and roasting my skin due to the lack of sun in holland. we had some unfortunate mishaps with a stolen wallet and a stolen purse.

then i bumped into kathleen on the streets of barcelona!! what are the chances?!?! and i just happened to bump into her after she got her purse stolen. barcelona really is as bad as they say!

despite so many stolen goods, barcelona was incredible!

but now i await the arrival of my family! what could be better?

Friday, May 1, 2009

adios mis amores!!

to barcelona i go tomorrow morning! be back wednesday!

and i cant wait for my family to come thursday!

good week ahead. 

some more info

heres a link that shows what happened today! yikes.


someone tried to kill the queen! they shut the city down early! 5 people were killed! so terrible.

but i am okay and we all are okay! dont worry!

queen's day in the dam

we all traveled to amsterdam today for queen's day! i went with everyone from my apartment building and had a blast!!!! we walked around all day and hung out and listened to music. everyone was dressed in orange and there were more people than i have ever seen. millions just filling the streets.

wonderful day! again.