Saturday, April 11, 2009

what are the chances?!

to start this story off, i have a crappy black coat with fur on the hood (some how landed in my hands one night...i have never really found an explanation) so anyways- for anyone who knows me at school- this is a black version of my sears white fracket. 

anywho- so out at the bar- we hang our coats just like everyone does. naturally when we go to leave, my furry coat isnt there. pissed off i keep searching but nothing comes up, once again, naturally. sooooo meg grabs me a random coat and we take off (it sounds terrible when you tell this story sober because i sound like a theif- but thats just how the game works- either kill or be killed, right?!) so we head to the next bar- my nice new long black coat with pink lining in tow. its a great coat and i feel like i really won. so we hang our coats at the next bar. again- my new pink coat goes missing. once again- meg grabs me another coat and we head home. the new button coat is a bit snug but quite cute and was actually like a coat i was just about to buy in the store, so again- yay i win! 

so then we went to the park yesterday and i was talking with one of the finish girls and i was like "ya man my stupid ugly fur coat got stolen the other night!" and she was like "omg me too!" and i  was like "ya so meg stole me this nice long black coat with pink in it!" and she was like "well that was my coat!!!! but i found it at alla (bar)!" i was like crazy because i left that coat there and it got taken back! so it turns out she found her coat (the pink one i stole) at the second bar which is why i ended up with the button coat, whihc turns our was the coat SHE stole at first and left at alla. so we both stole coats, then stole new coats, and it happens to be that we switched coats! so she went home with her coat...and i didnt.

oh well, its black, cute with buttons, and i guess i still win! only problem is....its 2 sizes too small and i cant use the buttons. oh well.... its more like a nice coat/cardigan!

this story is obviously easier to understand if told in person but it was hystrical that we both happened to swap coats at 2 different bars and we werent even hanging out!

like i said....what are the chances?!?!?!!?

life is good.

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