Wednesday, March 18, 2009

im alive!!!!

i went snowboarding last night and i am still alive!!!!!!! i had so much fun!! it has been years and years since i have snowboarded. and lucky for me everyone i was with snowboards or skis a lot! so they threw me on a lift to the top of the biggest run and basically wished me luck. i was terrified. LUCKILY a nice german girl from school who invited us happened to be a snowboarding instructor a few years ago! she helped me out TREMENDOUSLY and was an amazing teacher. she re-taught me the basics and by the end i was flying down the slopes! but i had some really really nasty spills in the mean time. i ate probably about 10 pounds of snow, about 5 of which went up my nose. i think i seriously injured my tail bone because i can hardly sit and my left tushy cheek is black. i can hardly move any of my muscles but i had so much fun!!!!!! i love snowboarding and i cant wait to go again!!! (i must say...i do make quite a cute snow bunny!). (i know all my friends are rolling their eyes and my dad is probably laughing). 

dad- you would have died laughing seeing me wipe out face first in the snow then get back up again and keep flying. it was hysterical.

i did have one near death experience where  i thought i was going to get decapitated- i saw a boy in front of me getting on the lift and he slipped and fell and naturally i laughed and thought- that sucks. then it was my turn- turns out there was  massive ice patch and i wiped out as well- snowboard still attached to one foot. all i heard was JESSIE LOOK OUT and i look up to see a chair lift coming at my head. i was in tons of pain (this is partially where my black left tush cheek comes from) and i thought i broke my elbow- but i look up and a chair lift is in my face. all i can do is start climbing on before they finally stopped it and prevented me from having my head chopped off. thank goodness.

still an amazing time though!

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