Monday, March 30, 2009

a day out on the town

today we went on a field trip! one of our teachers took all of us exchange students around town to two different places. we first went to this old cement factory that they are currently turning into theaters and offices and what not. it was neat but kind of a boring tour. it might be cooler once its finished and up and running.

then she took us to the 5 star hotel called Kruisheren Hotel. It was an old church and monastery that was converted into a luxury hotel. there are 60 rooms and every one of them are different. very cool place and a beautiful property. whats really cool is when it was allowed to be turned into a hotel, they were unable to touch and tamper with any of the walls or ceilings. so its pretty much a floating hotel inside the church. everything is built right in front of the walls (like stair cases) and the elevator only goes up one floor because it can touch the ceiling, so it works on hydraulics. really neat place- i would recommend crazy and big al and liz to stay there when they come but it is super expensive. maybe one night?

oh- and did i mention that on field trips here there is no big yellow school bus? of course you bike everywhere!!!!!!

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