Sunday, March 15, 2009

amsterdamned out

sorry- time to catch up a bit! my internet is not working really anymore (typical of this place) hopefully i will get something worked out...

anywho- spent last weekend in amsterdam again. lets just say i will NOT be going back for a while..i am exhausted!!! i traveled with my friends from here so they could meet their friends from school. it was a nice. we went to the anne frank house which was really neat to see. i loved it so much and it was amazing finally seeing it in person.

then i got to see molly!!!!!!!!!! molly and anthony flew from london. we had a really nice weekend and we went to the van gogh museum. i really loved the reijchs museum...but the van gogh museum was really really neat. i loved his art. there was also the starry night exhibit open so i got to see that. it was amazing- i never knew i liked art museums!

now i am just trying to get back to life again! i am beyond exhausted and i have a big paper coming up that i have to work on with 4 other people....we must write a 25 page paper on why we should build a hotel in cape town. this should be interesting!

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