Monday, March 2, 2009

carnaval is over

me with some fellow ninja/fake asian ladies

i was obviously on the other line with someone. ha. this man carried around a phone pretending to talk on it all day. my idea of a perfect costume.

the crowds!!

some of my friends with the crazy furry men! what grown men wear this stuff?!

this is how this family carried its kids around...

the avant garders!! (my apt).

the boys of the avant garde

carnaval was amazing! i have never seen so many crazy people in my life!!! the streets were filled all morning all day and all night with whacko people dressed up in the most rediculous costumes. i was a three musketeer whcih turned into a pilgrim when i lost my suspenders (how does that happen??) and then a ninja when i lost my hat (not too hard to do in a crowd like carnaval). loved every second of it! here are some moments...

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