Wednesday, April 29, 2009


last night the french girls did crepe night! they made a million crepes and were  making them for all of us to order!!! they were deeelish. i had never had a crepe that didnt have ice cream in it. i had ham and cheese and then a nutella and banana one. i loveeee nutella. and apparently i like bananas now. i also found out i now like tomatoes (after eating endless amounts of bruschetta in italy). yummy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my twin!

haha liz told me a funny story from school:

Liz Coughlin someone confused me with you this weekend! they came running up to me on the tailgate and was like o my gosh how are you i havent seen you in so long!!! and just went along with it when she continued to talk to me about it!! I think allison said that you knew her from summer! hahha miss you and wish you were here this weekend!

i cant believe people really get us that confused! its crazy! 

and only a few more days until I see my other twinie Leah in barcelonaaaaa!!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

the return of kristin

so kristin cavallari is back on the scene and making an appearance in 6 hills episodes!!! i could not be MORE EXCITED!

rotterdam...trying NOTterdam.

we went to rotterdam yesterday to try to explore more of holland. lets say it certainly helped me appreciate maastricht! 

rotterdam is not the best city i could say. we went to the zoo to try to do something fun on a nice day and it was awful!! the animals were all either asleep or not moving (is pot legal for animals too?!) i have never seen a fish tank of fish that were not moving. weird right? the monkeys were trapped in a stinky room with their hands on the walls shouting GET ME OUT OF HERE! on top of depressed animals, i dont think we saw one person smiling! strange.

oh well it was worth a shot and i guess you live and you learn!! this trip was comparable to liege... yikes!

oh well!!! im going to be seeing Leah in Barcelona in less than one week!!!!!!!!!! and then my wonderful family comes!! an d then we are going to prague! we booked tickets for 35 euros to prague! i have heard that it is on the of the most beautiful and incredible cities so i am so excited!!!!!! its about time we started taking advantage of our time here!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


i booked my ticket to barcelona!!! i am going with meg and kate and i will get to visit LEAHHHH!!!!! i am soo excited and i cant wait to get to the beach! my skin is sickly pale and in desperate need of color.

today, while our entire floor is in germany at some beer fest (train tickets were much too expensive) the rest of us have decided to go to rotterdam for the day and visit the zoo!

i cant wait!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

home sweet home

im home safely from italy!!!!!! definitly my favorite country and i cant wait to go back one day!!! i have about 300 pictures to soon follow....

stay tuned.

Monday, April 13, 2009


i am off to italy today for seven days!!!!!! i am so excited!!! 

we are flying out of brussels-charleoi- my and mike and taking a train to meet trevor there- who is coming from paris. then off to pisa! we will spend a night in pisa because our flight gets in late. wake up- check out a massive leaning tower- then off to florence! we booked an amazing hostel in florence that sounds like a resort (yet still cheap!) we heard raving reviews so i am excited to check it out. then we will go to rome for a probably two nights and have fun! then back to florence and back here to good ole maastricht.

i cant wait for pizza, pasta, and gelato!!!! (stop cringing ma).

YAY!!! be back in a week!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

what are the chances?!

to start this story off, i have a crappy black coat with fur on the hood (some how landed in my hands one night...i have never really found an explanation) so anyways- for anyone who knows me at school- this is a black version of my sears white fracket. 

anywho- so out at the bar- we hang our coats just like everyone does. naturally when we go to leave, my furry coat isnt there. pissed off i keep searching but nothing comes up, once again, naturally. sooooo meg grabs me a random coat and we take off (it sounds terrible when you tell this story sober because i sound like a theif- but thats just how the game works- either kill or be killed, right?!) so we head to the next bar- my nice new long black coat with pink lining in tow. its a great coat and i feel like i really won. so we hang our coats at the next bar. again- my new pink coat goes missing. once again- meg grabs me another coat and we head home. the new button coat is a bit snug but quite cute and was actually like a coat i was just about to buy in the store, so again- yay i win! 

so then we went to the park yesterday and i was talking with one of the finish girls and i was like "ya man my stupid ugly fur coat got stolen the other night!" and she was like "omg me too!" and i  was like "ya so meg stole me this nice long black coat with pink in it!" and she was like "well that was my coat!!!! but i found it at alla (bar)!" i was like crazy because i left that coat there and it got taken back! so it turns out she found her coat (the pink one i stole) at the second bar which is why i ended up with the button coat, whihc turns our was the coat SHE stole at first and left at alla. so we both stole coats, then stole new coats, and it happens to be that we switched coats! so she went home with her coat...and i didnt.

oh well, its black, cute with buttons, and i guess i still win! only problem is....its 2 sizes too small and i cant use the buttons. oh well.... its more like a nice coat/cardigan!

this story is obviously easier to understand if told in person but it was hystrical that we both happened to swap coats at 2 different bars and we werent even hanging out!

like i said....what are the chances?!?!?!!?

life is good.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

something to make mama proud on her birthday

just finished my presentation on my 35 page paper! we present to two teachers and 7 other students. and drum roll please....

i got the highest grade!!!!

they also told me my presentation was absolutely wonderful and that i am a great addition to the university.

lets talk about a semester full of firsts!!

Happy Birthday Crazy Lady!!!!!!!!!

I love you mama and I miss you! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

who ever said a little wisdom didnt hurt?

they lied. my wisdom teeth are still growing in. they are now about 1/2 way in and it feels like i have acorns stuffed in the side of my cheeks (i can only imagine the jokes my dad is thinking right now as he reads this...yes dad...only acorns...). 

i now feel like i have teeth growing into the back of my throat and a Neanderthal with a mouth full of monstrous teeth. 

now i get why people get these stupid things out. my cute little mouth (well...big mouth) isnt quite cut out for this. lets just hope i get ALOT wiser with these things in. now THAT wouldnt be so bad.

Monday, April 6, 2009

goldmember got dissed.

today i took my sick bike (chain fell off) to the doctor (the bike store). my chain always falls off because it is too long. why they made a bike with a chain too long for it- i have no clue. anywho- i wheel it in and find a store clerk. this is what went down:

me: how much will it be to fix the chain? 
mean bike man: [laughter]
me: umm....the chain....fix it? 
mbm: it is IMPOSSIBLE to fix the chain. bikes are made of MILLIONS of parts so you cant just FIX THE CHAIN. duhhhhhh.
me: you cant just take out a link? or...put a new chain on it? ill pay anything?
me: i am sorry. i just thought it could be fixed. i need it for three more months. you sure you cant help me?
mbm: absolutely no one would ever be able to fix this. sorry. get a new one.

at this point me and sick little goldmember just wheel on it (squeaking of course- because i cant seem to find any mode of transportation that doesnt squeak. shout out to good ole squeakers- hope your doing well). 

now i am stuck with goldmember. and goldmembers extrememyl loose chain. and a pair of plastic gloves in my purse everywhere i go for when goldmember decides to drop its chain.

another day in the life.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

almost as bad as the u.s. postal service truck

to only add to the previous story...

day 2. im riding through the city with meg to go meet everyone at the park. crossing the street, this car speeds up right in front of me and before i had a chance to break i ran directly into the side of the car. (mom and dad dont get mad or scared- everything is fine and it sounds worse than it was).  this man hops out of his car and starts yelling at me in dutch. i continute to say  I DO NOT SPEAK DUTCH ONLY ENGLISH PLEASE. he finally understands, then continue yelling at me in english. i continue to yell at him and tell him he almost hit the girl in front of me then sped in front of me. as we continue to fight in the middle of the street- cars and people are honking and shouting at this man for stopping in the middle also because they knew it was HIS fault not mine. finally, after this man was fed up, and after i continue to remind him he almost killed me and would have gone to jail and that his actions were unacceptable...he drove off and i hopped on my little pathetic bike and life went on. 

crazy dutch. crazy bikes. 

this was the dutch version of my running into the back of that u.s. mail truck that one day after school....and once again...IT WAS NOT MY FAULT! (seriously- a lot of people saw and everyone knows it was him.)

down and out

so you think i would be a pro bike rider by now wouldn't you? of course i'm not.  i have had more than my fair share of nasty spills since i started riding my bike. i have been getting somewhat better....that was until the other night.

so the other night we were biking from one bar to the next. i went to make a slow turn and there was a small traffic jam. i was trying to round the corner and squeeze by but managed to start bouncing of the bikes leaning against the wall (picture a small kid stuck in the corner of bumper cars and you cant get out). with no where left to go, i only went down. i ended up in a dress with my legs over my head on my back in the middle of the city. with my fellow comrades laughing hysterically as they biked away, i didn't know what else to do but continue to laugh. i was then approached by a group of kids laughing hysterically saying "I WISH I HAD MY CAMERA! IF I DID- YOU WOULD BE ON YOU TUBE!" at this point marielle had finally run to my rescue, was able to pick my bike up off of me, and i was able to finally stand. still laughing, we look at my bike. the handle bars were facing left while the wheel was going straight. try to picture that.

oh well....i am fine. plenty of bruises to show for this nasty fall but its just one more story to add the books of ridiculous moments. if only that kid had his camera, and if only that kid was able to put me on you would maybe be able to understand. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

a beautiful day in the neighborhood

yesterday was BEEEYOOOTIFUL. it got to about 70' F and was lovely. the sun was shining and it was great! we went to a picnic yesterday. there were lik 30 poeple there from our apartment building just sitting in this huge crowded park right outside the center city. we hung out and played some games and enjoyed the day. a very perfect day in maastricht.

today was lovely too! a few of us went downtown and walked around and played a never ending game of Jenga. doesnt sound too fun im sure- but it was. this was one of the best jenga games to date. i cant WAIT to play some scrabble!