Sunday, April 5, 2009

almost as bad as the u.s. postal service truck

to only add to the previous story...

day 2. im riding through the city with meg to go meet everyone at the park. crossing the street, this car speeds up right in front of me and before i had a chance to break i ran directly into the side of the car. (mom and dad dont get mad or scared- everything is fine and it sounds worse than it was).  this man hops out of his car and starts yelling at me in dutch. i continute to say  I DO NOT SPEAK DUTCH ONLY ENGLISH PLEASE. he finally understands, then continue yelling at me in english. i continue to yell at him and tell him he almost hit the girl in front of me then sped in front of me. as we continue to fight in the middle of the street- cars and people are honking and shouting at this man for stopping in the middle also because they knew it was HIS fault not mine. finally, after this man was fed up, and after i continue to remind him he almost killed me and would have gone to jail and that his actions were unacceptable...he drove off and i hopped on my little pathetic bike and life went on. 

crazy dutch. crazy bikes. 

this was the dutch version of my running into the back of that u.s. mail truck that one day after school....and once again...IT WAS NOT MY FAULT! (seriously- a lot of people saw and everyone knows it was him.)

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