Monday, June 29, 2009

my avant garde family

the people who i have spent the last 5 months with and i would not change one thing. i miss these people more than i imagined and i cant wait until spring break when we will meet again!

my oh my

cutie countdown is not at 2 days. i cant believe it. and no i have NOT started packing. i think maybe i should start? and then last day in the city of maastricht :( i never thought this day would come!!!

tomorrow to amsterdam! and i can say i never thought i would go to amsterdam 6 or 7 times! another city i loved and will miss dearly.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

cutie countdown

only 4 days until im back home. 3 days left here in maastricht :( 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

goodbye barn

just sent kelly home on her way! we had a really good week and we had plenty to do. Our first night here I took her out and we had a great night. She got her first experience on a bike...and lets just say it was her last. I guess I can say at least I have great bike skills from living in Holland. Another night we went to our dutch friend Bram's house in a neighboring village called Roermond. All of us from the third floor in avant garde went and had a really fun night. We got to see a real dutch village and all the cute, nice dutch houses! We also had a lot of barbques here and just a great time hanging out. 

Now it is coming to the end and i am starting to say goodbye to people and it is getting really tough. I am finally at the point where I have to strategically plan my days out because of the limited time. I never saw this time coming! I hate every second of the end and I am finding it nearly impossible to say goodbye to friends here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

faja day

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY WONDERFUL DADDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you have a good day!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

the bike tally

the bike situation has been ridiculous! between the four of us (me meg mike and trevor) we have gone through a ridiculous amount of bikes.

and the tally....

meg- 1 bike. but it just got stolen. outside the bar meg didnt lock her bike up and asked me "will my bike get stolen?" my response: "yes." but did she lock her bike up? no. did it get stolen? yes. what a shame. her bike was the most reliable and made it all 5 months!

me- 3 bikes! i am the only one left with a bike now! its the big yellow one that is hideous and about 50 years old but hey- the wheels move and get me places so i cant complain too much. my first bike had a terrible chain and got destroyed. my second bike got a popped inner tube. ugh.

mike- 2 bikes. but now is bikeless- one bike broken with a popped tire. second bike stolen.

trevor- i think it is safe to say he has gone through about 5 bikes. god only knows what has happened to all of them.

so now we have 1 bike between the four of us. oh how i miss cars.


and the cutie countdown is now at 11 days! I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE LESS THAN 2 WEEKS LEFT HERE!!!! i have waited my whole life to go abroad and now it is quickly coming to an end. how sad.

on a good note- kelly comes today! i have to pick her up from the train station in a few hours and we are going to have a blast!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

this ones for you cutie-

13 days to go on the squeeeeze countdown. 

i cant wait to twirl you in the air and wrap my arms so tightly around you ill probably crush your miniature bones.

some more sad news

my bike tire popped!! nooooooooooo!!!! the speed bumps here are NOT biker friendly. now im left with one tire and i only have 2 weeks to go!!!! what a pain. now im left scrounging for a bike these last days here. i guess ill have to figure out how to fix it! gross. cant wait until my bicycle hell is over!

and to mention...

two sisters i miss so much who i cant talk to :( i cant wait to squeeze my puppies!!!! 


We've heard of alligators in the sewers, but what about a puppy in the toilet?

One week old Dyno, a cocker spaniel puppy, was flushed down the loo after his 4-year-old owner, Daniel, tried to give him a bath in the bowl.

The pup was believed to be dead, but a plumbing company managed to retrieve him using a camera.

The puppy is now in stable condition.

Now that puppy is really going to need a bath!

But this time in the bath tub!


dont worry lulu juju- you are safe with us.

Monday, June 15, 2009

a long day

first all- this is my 100th post!! holy cow never thought i would actually stick with this thing here. congrats to me for finally following through on something!

anyways- the rumors are true!! the sun really does stay out all day! yesterday biking home at 10 pm the sun had yet to set. it was almost day light! i guess at home it would feel like 6ish but here it was 10! they really do have the longest days! but we do pay a price. today i went to class in a hoodie and jeans and a scarf and was cold! a nice summer day is few and far between. its a shame- even happy valley has nicer weather than here! how could that be possible!?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

some sad news

i got some very sad news earlier this week about my grandma. i am very upset i cant be with my family right now but i love them very much and miss my grandma very much. i am very very lucky to have known my grandma as long as i did.  only 16 days until im back with my family...

the factory

the other night we went to this club that is only open once a month. its an old factory....hence the name- the factory- clever i know...any who- it is really neat! there were hippies everywhere! and old vintage clothing sales?! weird. but it was really fun with great music and i felt like i had been plopped into the 1970's. it was very cool!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

happy birthday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BIG SISSY CUTIE CAKES!!!!!!! a big squeeze from me to you!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

some of madrid

spain and their ham. ill never understand. museo de jamon.
the lovely park!
mini helado!! tiny ice cream cones- lets call this a compromise mama.


kelly BARNhurst (you know how to say it) is coming to maastricht! yippie skippy!


madrid was great!! we did a ton of walking as usual and got to see a lot of the city. but here is a story for the books:

we were eating in the morning before getting going around town. we all had our backpacks because we had to check out of our hostel. me and meg decided we were going to go back and try to find a place to get our bags locked up in the hostel- the guys decided to keep theirs while they ate. when me and meg came back the boys were gone and we were confused as to where they went, until we saw them roaming the streets- trevor backpack-less. since we had already had this happen once to meg in barcelona, i guess you can say we are pros at handling the situation (or not- meg never got her stuff back). but anywho i put my limited spanish into actions and when to talk to the police about a stolen backpack. we were hesitant to even do so assuming there was nothing they could do- but they offered to put out a notice and sent us on our way to report it at the police station. but soon after the policeman found me wandering and took me to another man who had found trevors back pack! he has his i pod stolen but that was it- passport and everything was in the bag! what are the chances!!

a very exciting start to our days in madrid. crazy how quickly they can steal and bag without you noticing one bit. but at least this story has a happy ending!

and im back

just got home from madrid! home safe and sound despite a few bumps and bruises we hit on our trip. more info to follow. time for a nap ASAP. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009


tonight we leave for brussels to go to madrid this weekend! another night sleeping in the air port.... terrible. but madrid...yay!


this whole class situation has gotten beyond out of control. we have been given 3 different schedules and we never know which one to follow. my parents got a small taste of what i mean when they were here- class got canceled twice within a 24 hour notice! well today we thought class was at 2:30, yet our teacher e-mailed at 9:20 (of course none of us were awake to get it) telling us class was now at 10. how do you tell your class 40 minutes before class when it is! and its a 20 minute bike ride so assuming we had gotten it on time we would have had to jump out of bed and run to school. this place is nuts!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009