Monday, March 30, 2009


soo dad- i have been constantly trying to call you on skype. it never really works. but whenever you call me it says alan robbins. well it turns out- i have been trying to call the wrong alan robbins for the last two months....

hello...iare you trying to reach me?  A bit hesitiant to add people I don't know...


then it gets wierder...

but it does seem you're a real person, and we do share a last name...

im sorry i thought you were my dad

funny...nope, this isn't dad unless you've got some REALLY big news for me!

9:44 PM 

there is another Alan Robbins in DC

9:44 PM 

in fact, he's a friend of a friend

9:44 PM 

perhaps that's your dad

that must be him

is he an attorney?



so dad someone in DC has your name- and knows you. and i found this out. on skype. in maastricht.

what a world.

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