Sunday, March 22, 2009


my 21st birthday weekend was quite a success!!! i thought it would be tough turning 21 abroad (because it clearly is of no importance to anyone who is not American) but everyone was great and i had an amazing time!

i turned 21 at midnight on friday and we had a big party on our floor. there were more people there than i have ever seen before. we played beer pong (my favorite of course) and the spanish kids made a gigantic tub of sangria that was delishhhhh (ma- you would loveeee). and then at midnight everyone came out singing! it was really nice and they had a thing of ice cream/gelato instead of a birthday cake (and you know that makes me VERY happy) although of course i do miss moms chippy cake with chippy icing. but the ice cream is amazing. and meg and mariel bought me a gift certificate to my favorite gelato place (once again-  ask for anything better) and a happy birthday hat. after these festivities we finally made it down town, but me meg mike and trevor made the mistake of stopping to get something to eat first and then never quite made it to the bars. haha. oops.

then yesterday morning (saturday- my actual birthday) i woke up and mike and trev got me kinder buenos (again- greatness) and a vase of bright orange flowers! (i have been wanting fresh flowers since the day we got here!) and i got my first birthday card in dutch!! then we all went to lunch then watched movies and hung out to get ready for the night. then we went to dinner at my favorite italian restaurant and then we went out. i had a really great time and i am so happy to be 21!

and yes.... i feel older.
not just older....definitly sooo much cooler. ob-v.

CANT WAIT TO GO TO DEWEY WITH MY SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!! (thank GOD we have such nice parents to drive us :) 

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