Saturday, June 20, 2009

the bike tally

the bike situation has been ridiculous! between the four of us (me meg mike and trevor) we have gone through a ridiculous amount of bikes.

and the tally....

meg- 1 bike. but it just got stolen. outside the bar meg didnt lock her bike up and asked me "will my bike get stolen?" my response: "yes." but did she lock her bike up? no. did it get stolen? yes. what a shame. her bike was the most reliable and made it all 5 months!

me- 3 bikes! i am the only one left with a bike now! its the big yellow one that is hideous and about 50 years old but hey- the wheels move and get me places so i cant complain too much. my first bike had a terrible chain and got destroyed. my second bike got a popped inner tube. ugh.

mike- 2 bikes. but now is bikeless- one bike broken with a popped tire. second bike stolen.

trevor- i think it is safe to say he has gone through about 5 bikes. god only knows what has happened to all of them.

so now we have 1 bike between the four of us. oh how i miss cars.

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Andrew said...

You're bike did a very good job of transporting me from Highlander to Twee...