Sunday, April 26, 2009

rotterdam...trying NOTterdam.

we went to rotterdam yesterday to try to explore more of holland. lets say it certainly helped me appreciate maastricht! 

rotterdam is not the best city i could say. we went to the zoo to try to do something fun on a nice day and it was awful!! the animals were all either asleep or not moving (is pot legal for animals too?!) i have never seen a fish tank of fish that were not moving. weird right? the monkeys were trapped in a stinky room with their hands on the walls shouting GET ME OUT OF HERE! on top of depressed animals, i dont think we saw one person smiling! strange.

oh well it was worth a shot and i guess you live and you learn!! this trip was comparable to liege... yikes!

oh well!!! im going to be seeing Leah in Barcelona in less than one week!!!!!!!!!! and then my wonderful family comes!! an d then we are going to prague! we booked tickets for 35 euros to prague! i have heard that it is on the of the most beautiful and incredible cities so i am so excited!!!!!! its about time we started taking advantage of our time here!

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