Sunday, April 5, 2009

down and out

so you think i would be a pro bike rider by now wouldn't you? of course i'm not.  i have had more than my fair share of nasty spills since i started riding my bike. i have been getting somewhat better....that was until the other night.

so the other night we were biking from one bar to the next. i went to make a slow turn and there was a small traffic jam. i was trying to round the corner and squeeze by but managed to start bouncing of the bikes leaning against the wall (picture a small kid stuck in the corner of bumper cars and you cant get out). with no where left to go, i only went down. i ended up in a dress with my legs over my head on my back in the middle of the city. with my fellow comrades laughing hysterically as they biked away, i didn't know what else to do but continue to laugh. i was then approached by a group of kids laughing hysterically saying "I WISH I HAD MY CAMERA! IF I DID- YOU WOULD BE ON YOU TUBE!" at this point marielle had finally run to my rescue, was able to pick my bike up off of me, and i was able to finally stand. still laughing, we look at my bike. the handle bars were facing left while the wheel was going straight. try to picture that.

oh well....i am fine. plenty of bruises to show for this nasty fall but its just one more story to add the books of ridiculous moments. if only that kid had his camera, and if only that kid was able to put me on you would maybe be able to understand. 

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