Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ireland and the dam

i went to ireland last week. it was really fun and beautiful but TONS of traveling. i went with trevor because we both have friends from high school studying in galway. we started our journey by train with a layover in liege, then a train to charlios in belgium. then we flew to dublin. we got to dublin and went to a pub, heard some irish music, had a beer and then we were too tired because it took a total of 10 hours to get from maastricht to dublin (lots of waiting around). then the next morning we hopped on the first bus to galway. in galway it was this thing called Rag week where people drink all day and night at the pubs because the money is all donated to some charity. so we arrive and drink. i got to see conor! we stayed at trevors friends apartment with 6 boys and had a fun and interesting time. galway beautiful and we walked around and saw the coast and what not. ireland is definitely very green and tons of sheep.

then...i tried my first fish and chips! and of course...i loved it. we got fish and chips from the best place in galway. we waited until the place opened at 12 for lunch.... people were lined up within seconds. we were the first people- followed by a long long line of people waiting for these fish and chips. they were amazing. reason enough to travel back to ireland.

after galway we took a train back to dublin and then flew form dublin to amsterdam. we met trevors dad and his dads friend there and spent two nights in the dam. they put us up in an amazing hotel and took us out to some really great dinners. i had an amazing time with the three guys and it was fun seeing another side of amsterdam (from the first weekend we went and spent no time sight-seeing..). we went to the reichsmuseum and it was awesome. i saw a lot of amazing art and really enjoyed it. we tried to see the van gogh museum but there was a long line and it was raining, so we went on a boat tour instead. 

this entire week was amazing and i really enjoyed a week vacation!!! i cant wait to keep traveling.

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