Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Pleasurable Dining Experience

Yesterday was a lovely day. First we had class. We became quite friendly with some students from our class who were nice enough to invite us to a party tomorrow night in the dorms. We are going to go. It is nice making friends!

Then, we had a dinner for all exchange students. There were about 15-20 of us plus our buddies that we were assigned. In the school there is a student run restaurant that is ok to eat in every day and then there is a nicer restaurant that serves three course dinners. We got to eat there! It was all free- including alcohol!!! A school sponsored event ON school grounds... serving free food and alcohol! My idea of perfection. Anywho- they started out with a salmon amuse-bushe (??sp??- a little something i picked up from top chef)...then i tried duck liver. I really did try it like an adult- but i really did not like it one bit. Then we had bacon-wrapped pork- quite delicious i must say- with potatoes and mixed veggies. Then we had chocolate desert with a scoop of ice cream. Plus a lovely champagne cocktail and free wine! Seriously- it was great! We made new friends with other buddies who were students at the school and ended up sitting at dinner chatting for 3 hours. We then followed them to one of their houses where they had all of us over and we had a really good time. I finally feel like a normal student in this school and everyone we have met has been so nice. I also got to try this delicious German wine that is mixed with herbs and spices and served hot. It was deeeelish. We also became friendly with a few of the students who will be exchanging to penn state next year. I cant wait to show them around!

Then we biked home as usual (my on the back) and it was lovely. I still have not gotten  a stupid bike (although we are waking up early tomorrow morning to do so) and I am getting quite comfortable riding on the back. Dont worry ma- it wont last long...ill get my exercise! AND if i dont find some G-D ice cream in this town soon i might lose it... 

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Moily said...

i love that your post is all about the food and wine. miss youuuu love