Saturday, February 7, 2009

hola, my llamo jessie

what a night. i come to the netherlands assuming ill be learning dutch (which i will be) but now i am also perfecting my spanish! my spanish neighbor and a bunch of other spanish boys came to our floor last night. i talked spanish the whole night with them- we have now even made an agreement if i help them with english, they will help me with my spanish. sounds good to me.

first bike wipe out last night. the boys were able to buy bikes yesterday and so going out last night we tried riding on the back of them. it didn't work to say the least. naturally i ended up flat on my back on the ground. then i ended up in a cab. i don't like where this bike situation is going. all of the people here with bikes took off last night really quickly and poor Trevor was never able to catch up. we waited for him at the bar and he never arrived. we came home to find him laying in bed by himself because he got too lost. haha way too funny. 

and i finally talked to lady and big al last night! always much more fun to check in with the rents at 530 in the morning. 

and i am of course still loving every minute of it!

there is an overnight trip to brussels tonight people are making. unfourtanitly after my wild and crazy night

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Kelly said...

I REALLY wish I could have witnessed your bike fall.

I'm now an official follower of your blog, so you better keep me entertained!