Wednesday, February 11, 2009

always an adventure

yesterday was our first real class and yesterday we were half an hour late! the bus system is crazy here and we ended up walking in late. luckily our teacher is nice and really likes us so everything is okay. i am going to have to work with the other boys and we have to write an entire report all module long about why they should build a hotel in cape town. seeing as none of us know anything about south africa, this should be interesting.

this morning, I, Jessie Robbins, rode a bike 25 minutes to school at 730 IN THE MORNING! yes...thats! talk about a morning workout! it was actually quite nice and refreshing. we had a day of classes and then time to head home. but dont be silly- of course nothing could go as easily as planned. trevor has been having some bike trouble lately, and today the bike won. his bike became completely useless and we had to ditch it at the school. this somehow meant i was stuck riding on the back of a bike instead of my own. i rode straddling a flat piece of metal for 30 minutes. i can barely move my legs. the other night riding on the back of megs bike left me bruised from tush to toe and i was only on the bike for 10 minutes. i can only imagine what i will look like tomorrow...

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