Tuesday, February 10, 2009

and so we begin

yesterday was our first day of class finally. we got our module (which is what they call it- it is for 8 weeks- then we take another module after that). we are in a group with all international students. we have met most of them already since we live in the same building but some new people are coming now and its been great getting to know them. I have a lot of friends from Spain and Finland and there are a few from Mexico and Germany. All kinds of people - its really neat.

So my module will be cover hotel international and its about econ and hotel properties. we will have to write a paper about where to locate a new hotel and why. it sounds interesting and we work in groups so it will be nice. we got split into two different groups and i am going to be with trevor and mike so i am sure things will go well. i was scared i would be all by myself and too scared to speak up but that is what most of your grade is based on.

today we actually begin our group meetings so lets hope it goes well!

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