Friday, February 20, 2009


i bought my first bike! me and trevor went to meet this woman at her house that i found online from this dutch e-bay type website. just to  let you know- there are 6 millions bikes or something in the netherlands (or maastricht? not sure) and about 1 million are stolen every year. that gives you an idea of the kind of bike businesses being run here. so anywho- we get to this womans house and she shuffles us into this huge ghetto van that is so run down with her husband and son in it. as uncomfortable as we were already- this man starts driving us and parks outside this garage. i think im just going and picking up a used bike and leaving. nope- this man, with his 15 year old cig-smoking son- opens this garage and there are TONS of bikes! we end up getting two of the cheapest bikes (2 bikes for 100 euros) and head home. it was quite an experience.

anyways- my bike already broke today. the chain fell off on the way home from school and now i have to bring it so sammy angel (fake name ofcourse) to have it fixed/replaced. and my tushy is beyond bruised. the seat on this thing is so bad. lets hope ill be able to have children some day, because right now- my future isnt looking so bright.

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