Wednesday, February 4, 2009

lost again

last night we went to a club to celebrate the finals the other students are taking right now. it was a fun club and we had a really good time. but of course, we get separated once again! i spent last night on the curb outside of the club with two of the boys for an hour after our entire group hopped into a cab and disappeared. it didn't seem like so much of a problem and we thought we could simply hop in a cab home. we quickly realized that a cab cant take you anywhere if you have no clue where you live, what street the apartment is on, or even how to pronounce it. Luckily we found our german buddies in the club and they were able to help us out and we finally found our way back home to find the rest of our friends enjoying them selves five levels up on the Dutch floor of the apartment building. 

Oh well, after an hour long lesson of Dutch on the side of the road waiting for a cab, and after being laughed at continuously for my more than pathetic attempt at an accent, I learned how to count to ten in Dutch! Something good comes out of everything!

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