Sunday, February 8, 2009

it's like riding a bike

last night was my first adventure on a bike besides falling off of one the night before....

so we went off to dinner with 4 bikes a 6 people. In this situation you simply put the extra people on the back of the bike. everyone does it here and they sure look comfortable doing it- we thought it would be no problem. it was. my friend meg and i for some reason shared a bike. she was the driver and i was the passenger. it was such a disaster that it confirmed my fear of bikes. to get one a bike you have to hop on the back wheel while the bike is in motion- and thats not even the hardest part. it is so hard to keep your balance i cant even describe it. we ended up far behind the rest of the pack and we were almost hit by multiple cars and ran directly into a wall. it was just a disaster. 

so riding home. there is really no rules again drunk bike riding and everyone does it. no helmets or anything. after a long night at the bar we all hopped back on our bikes to get home. this time i rode the bike. it was my first time riding a bike since i was ten (thanks to my darling sister lizzie who left my bike at a friends house, never to be seen again). i spent the entire bike ride screaming and laughing i didnt know what to do. lets just say i would pay someone $50,000 to see a video of myself last night. i am lucky i did not pee my pants. no seriously, i am really lucky.

my body is certainly feeling the pain from my adventure last night. they always say its like a riding a bike...for me not so much.

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